The heart of OFWGKTA’s evolution from reserved backseat talent to the sensual R&B slicker who refuses to live in the shadows of her friends no longer, and finally let her own light shine. Sydney Bennett started off known as moniker Syd Tha Kyd, identified as the token female of Odd Future’s ratpack during their dominance of […]



While we reflect on the mighty shambles that was the year 2016 and all of it’s misdemeanours (RIP TO ALL THE LEGENDS), it’s no harm in admitting the year actually indeed contained a whole bunch of really great songs and made my ears particularly damn content. And that’s the great thing about music: no matter what […]


LISTEN: Freetown Sound by Blood Orange

On his third self written/produced LP, Dev Hynes, who creates his music under the moniker Blood Orange, introduces us to his resonance puzzle which pieces together a spectrum of societal racial, religious, and gender agendas to vocalize his collection of Freetown Sounds – but his introduction belongs to a voice foreign to his own. Instead, he lends first […]

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LISTEN: Princess Nokia’s ‘Tomboy’

Self identified New York City Aficionado, Princess Nokia aka Wavy Spice aka Destiny Frasqueri wants you to embrace your little titties and fat belly, and she’s showing you exactly how a gal gets it done veering back to her core underground NYC roots on new single ‘Tomboy’. Nokia is a lady of many contrasting personas, beginning her musical morphology at […]

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LISTEN: Hauora by Street Chant

The long awaited second LP from Auckland’s own Street Chant is finally available, and it’s a mighty cry of refusal for conformity. Although it’s been a six year stretch from the release of the bands first album Means, Hauora’s lofi indie rock essence is grippingly fresh, which is ironic considering front woman Emily Edrosa’s candid piece […]

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